Kathryn Helga Spence.
Kathryn Helga Spence.

Community celebrates life of Roma nurse killed in crash

Kathryn Helga Spence made her mark on this world with her caring soul and cheeky spirit, but the much-loved mother, daughter and adored sister had her life cut short in a tragic highway crash.

Hundreds will gather at Kathryn's funeral this week to celebrate the life of the much loved mother of four after her utillity rolled 5km west of Amby along the Warrego Highway about 7.30pm on Sunday, February 7.

The vehicle was found on its side on the railway track beside the highway, and since then the news of the loss of Kathryn has sent shockwaves through the Maranoa community.

Kathryn's adoring sister, Kerri Collins, said her sister made an impact on so many people's lives through her work as an assistant nurse alongside sister Rebecca at Westhaven Aged Care for the past 16 years.

"There's hundreds of people who have contacted us saying how much of a difference Kathryn made to their families … how much she helped their mum and dad," Mrs Collins said.

"She was known for going above and beyond with her care.

"It's so special to hear these words, because you have to be a special kind of person to work in aged care.

"She never put herself first, it was always about helping others."

Mrs Collins said even on the day of Kathryn's passing she was out helping a family friend, an indication of her willingness to always help others.

Mrs Collins didn't shy away from highlighting Kathryn's cheeky side and how she brightened even the dullest of days.

"She was bubbly … she was happy and knew how to cheer people up with her funny and cheeky nature," Mrs Collins said.

"One time she was helping me clean a house and she stuck an item on my back and was cackling so hard and taking photos and it was just stupid little antics she would do that we will really miss.

"Looking back at all these old videos of her, at the time you would roll your eyes, but now we look back and laugh.

"Her colleagues have said they won't have someone playing jokes anymore and how much they will miss that at work."

Her parents Helga and Bob Spence were ministers for more than 20 years at the Christian Outreach Centre in Roma and had 10 children, five girls and five boys with Kathryn coming in number five.

She will leave behind her four children - Jordan, 26, Maddie, 20, Lilly 12 and Chase 9 turning 10.

Kathryn's funeral will be held on Friday afternoon at the Church of Christ.

Those wishing to attend, must register by contacting Damien who is managing the attendance list - damienjohnridley@gmail.com

Please supply your full name, address and contact number and you will receive a response email.

You are invited to share in the service via Zoom.


Meeting ID: 870 5879 8064

Passcode: spence

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