Caroline Hutchinson.
Caroline Hutchinson.

I put on 10kg and didn't even know it

IS IT just me or does everyone feel like they've been hit by a truck?

A Mr Whippy van to be exact.

Remember the time a barista in New York was secretly putting full cream milk in the Olsen twins' coffee because he thought they were too skinny?

I think that might be happening to me.

I knew I had put on a little weight. When I went to New Zealand a couple of weeks ago, I couldn't fit in to my favourite jeans but I don't own scales so I wasn't too worried.

The last time I was weighed was at the Blood Bank nine months ago.

I haven't given blood for a while because I'm slightly anaemic. Look up anaemia, by the way, one of the symptoms is weight loss. Not for everyone apparently.

Long story short, I joined the Pursuit Fitness 12-week challenge this week and my trainer, Sammy Pluck, came around to weigh me.

Apparently I've put on 10 kilos.

Ten whole kilos.

Ten kilos I didn't notice.

Ten extra kilos on top of already being fat.

I didn't cry in front of Sammy but I came very close.

I'm embarrassed that I could be so deluded.

Ashamed to be such a glutton.

Mortified I have been getting around without a care in the world when I am pretty sure the world was thinking "Lay off the fries, Boombah!"

I honestly don't know what I've been doing differently. I've always been pretty good on the tooth but I must have really let loose since Christmas.

I am sure some of it is because I'm old.

But that doesn't matter, it's got to go.

The horrible thing is, at the end of my 12-week challenge, I will hopefully be the weight I thought I was before Monday's weigh-in.

The good news is, the shock of it all seems to have switched something in my head.

I'm loathe to say it out loud because it might not last but for the first time in my life I am committed to not eating.

I have done really well since Monday and not once rewarded my good behaviour with a sneaky snack. Which is new territory for me.

When I walked the Kokoda Track in 2009 I weighed 20 kilos less than I do now. I am walking the track again in April, so that's my goal - 20 kilos in 30 weeks.

On top of my fitness challenge, I'm joining the Daily's Kick the Kilos campaign. I've downloaded the Strava app to log my steps and I'm going to write a weekly diary.

This week's diary begins with news I have the Wishlist Spring Carnival lunch today, a birthday party tomorrow and Bloomhill Race Day on Sunday.

I can't imagine where I gather kilos.

So wish me luck, see you out on the track and whatever you do, don't make me a coffee.

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