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Coles and Woolworths have too much of the market: survey

COLES and Woolworths are too dominant in the supermarket sector, a national survey has shown.

The Master Grocers Australia/Liquor Retailers Australia found that 72% of Australians believed the two supermarket giants were too dominant.

Only 22% of those surveyed believed there was healthy competition, and 75% thought competition laws should be strengthened.

MGA/LRA chief Jos de Bruin said the survey showed public opinion was in favour of changing regulations.

"This survey shows a large majority of people believe there is something wrong with this state of affairs," he said.

They think the duopoly's market concentration has already gone too far and they don't believe there is healthy competition. They are concerned that they are the losers in terms of price and they want much more choice and variety.

"But they are also concerned about the wider impact on our society. They perceive there is an unfair impact on Australian farmers and suppliers who have been forced to bow down to the market power of the Big Two."

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