Man wins more than $2m in Gold Lotto

A NAMBOUR man has won Saturday's Gold Lotto first division prize worth more than $2.1 million.
The winning man was over-the-moon to have had his numbers come up in the rare jackpot draw, with his four-game System 8 marked entry which won division one as well as other divisional prizes totalling $2,194,727.33.
"I won on the right weekend - that's for sure," he said.

"I knew Gold Lotto had jackpotted to $8 million and in all my years of playing, I'd never seen that happen before.
"I have hardly slept at all! My mind has been buzzing with all the things I can buy now with my multi-million dollar prize, with no problems at all.
"I also don't have to work now if I don't want to, so I guess it'll be more like a hobby now"
The happy man, who wishes to remain anonymous, purchased his division one entry from Nextra Nambour.

Nextra Nambour owner Rod Hurst said he was thrilled to be celebrating a local win for the area, his outlet and of course his winning customer.
"It's great to see a local customer win a multi-million dollar division one prize thanks to a ticket purchased from your outlet - it's a very exciting time," he said.
"I've been in this business for many years and over that time I've actually been lucky enough to sell a few division one winning tickets.
"Most recently we had a couple of Gold Lotto division one winners in 2011 in March and September who won more than $1.2 million collectively. So this $2.1 million winner is definitely a stand out for us.
"With $40 million up for grabs in tonight's Oz Lotto draw, I'm sure there will be many customers coming in today to get an entry hoping to have the same good fortune as our weekend winner."
Throughout Australia, there were four entries that won a first division prize of $2,178,515.64 in the weekend's $8 million Saturday Gold Lotto jackpot draw.  Along with the winning entry from Nambour, there was another first division winning entry sold in Trinity Beach, and two division one winning entries were sold in Western Australia.
The winning numbers in Saturday Gold Lotto draw 3661 on Saturday 20 August 2016 were 45, 16, 23, 42, 34 and 8, with the supplementary numbers 3 and 44.

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