Coal prospector tells court he can’t remember his address

A FORMER Mackay coal prospector who ripped off an employee to the tune of $40,000 told a court he "couldn't remember" the street he lived on or what he'd spent $70,000 on.

Jason Moultrie, owner of the now-in-liquidation Coal Face Resources, appeared at an enforcement hearing in the Brisbane Federal Circuit Court on Wednesday.

The court heard he had failed to repay the court-ordered debt to the former employee.

Under cross-examination, Mr Moultrie said he now lived with his mother in northern Brisbane and had just $500 to his name.

He said he had cashed in $70,000 worth of shares for "living costs" but could not explain what he spent that money on.

He claimed he was unemployed and lived on $50 a week but had not applied for a government allowance or declared himself bankrupt.

Mr Moultrie then refused to give the woman's lawyer, Pawel Zielinski, his current address for future legal correspondence.

"I just live at mum's. I don't know the street name," he said.

Mr Zielinski accused Mr Moultrie of lying to the court and said he risked being jailed for contempt of court.

"So when you catch a taxi you just say 'Take me to mum's, do you?" Mr Zielinski asked.

After eventually giving his address to the court, Mr Moultrie then admitted he had failed to properly comply with a court order to supply the court with details of all bank accounts for which he is a signatory.

He said he did not believe he needed to supply details of a mortgage he held on a Mackay house, as Coal Face Resource's liquidators were currently in possession of it.

Mr Moultrie said has had been thinking of declaring himself bankrupt for months but had not, because thinking about it "stresses" him out.

Mr Zielinski said it would be "remarkable" if the documents Mr Moultrie had tendered to the court were all of his assets, and claimed Mr Moultrie had not been honest with the court.

The hearing was adjourned to a date to be fixed. - ARM NEWSDESK

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