Clive Palmer at the opening of his electorate office in 2013.
Clive Palmer at the opening of his electorate office in 2013. Kristy Muir

Six career ideas for Clive now he's leaving politics

HE'S OFFICIALLY ruled out a tilt at the Senate and now it looks like he's formally on his way to the exit door.

All reference to mining magnate and Fairfax MP Clive Palmer is being removed from his Maroochydore electorate office, as the July 2 Federal Election looms ever larger.

A Palmer United Party staffer said the de-Cliveing was standard procedure for retiring MPs and the Department of Parliamentary Services was calling the shots in terms of how the office was being readied for the handover to whoever claims the seat of Fairfax.

The staffer said electoral officers would remain in the office all the way through to the election day, to assist the public with matters including issues with Federal bodies like Centrelink or Medicare.

So with the human headline pulling the pin on any Senate plans and packing his toys up and preparing to move on from Fairfax, it got us thinking, what could he do next?

Here's six unlikely career paths Palmer could take:


Clive's shown his propensity for the airwaves, his twerking efforts were some of his finer moments of what was a brief political career.

Perhaps Mr Palmer could reinvent himself as a late-night radio host? What more could you want than a late-night poetry recital from the big man.


WELCOME! To Palmer Park!

Sign me up. Get him in a fedora, a man bag and a 1980s Nikon over the shoulder and let him guide people in Jeeps around a sub-tropical island, checking out T-Rex and his pals.

Palmer's penchant for the prehistoric seemingly knows few bounds, he put a T-Rex on a golf course, so this isn't as far-fetched as it seems.


HE SPENDS more time in a courtroom than Ally McBeal, so why not take the Bar Exam and earn some coin for it.

He's battled "Chinese mongrels," (Clive's words, not ours) politicians and the media in the courtroom, surely it's a matter of time before he contemplates donning the wig and doing his best Dennis Denuto?


What better way to pave the paths of diplomacy than by calling them "Chinese mongrels" and "bastards" eh?

Not the people as a whole though, Clive clarified, after his now-famous on-air outburst on Q and A, when he apologised to the Chinese people for his comments.


He showed his prowess as owner of now-defunct A-League outfit Gold Coast United in appointing a 17-year-old captain and suspending the coach in what was a tumultuous reign.

But football is a funny sport full of tales of redemption and perhaps with more time on his hands Palmer may feel the itch to once again turn his tactical nous to the beautiful game.


Appears an unlikely pathway, but then again, professional sport is full of unlikely heroes so the road to redemption may lay with the round ball.


You're in the kitchen, tears streaming down your face, crying. This is the toughest cook of your life, one false move will see you ousted from the competition.

You look up at your opponent and there he is.

Professor Clive Frederick Palmer mopping his sweaty brow as he bastes a turkey.

Welcome to MasterChef 2017.

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