SHOW TIME: Miss Showgirl runner-up Kody Crawford and winner Emily Harris.
SHOW TIME: Miss Showgirl runner-up Kody Crawford and winner Emily Harris. Molly Hancock

Celebrating 132 great years of Roma Show

ROMA has wrapped up another successful show with all the thrills, excitement, agricultural aspects the community expect.

This year the show society celebrated 132 years and added a few changes, including, a new pedestrian gate, entry price reduction, free entry after 5.30pm and two nights of live music.

Roma Show Society president Puddy Chandler was ecstatic with the success of this event.

"The Roma Show is a big event for our region and it would be amazing to go back 132 years and see how it was run and the challenges they would have had then.

"Agriculture was the major industry in the area 132 years ago and I am proud to say it still is today. What a resilient industry we have,” she said.

Miss Showgirl competition this year had only two entrants - Kody Crawford, 24, and Emily Harris, 21.

This year Miss Harris was crowned the Roma Miss Showgirl and also took on the role as show treasurer.

"I have always been heavily involved in lot of community events, whether it be the show or not, so I thought it would be a good opportunity and I work in finance so I thought it would be a great thing on my resume.

"I also thought being so young getting and involved in something so important in the community would be good for me in the future.”

"Winning this year's Roma Miss Showgirl competition means I can be a great ambassador to the young ones, get myself involved in the community, especially taking on the role of treasurer.

"I also want to try and get more young ones involved and take the opportunity to bring the community together because there is such a separation between the young and the old and I would loved for it to be more combined.”

Miss Harris also suggested that other young girls in Roma should definitely give the Miss Showgirl quest a go.

Check out all the fun from this year's show below.

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