Can you help shy 'Bus Guy' in the quest for love?

ROMANCE can happen in the strangest places, even on public transport.

A strong social media tide is working to reunite 'Bus Guy' with a girl he met on New Year's eve.

Bus Guy (BG) has created a social media page for his cause (with a bus display picture no less) and has posted about his search to the Byron Bay Community Board.

While they met in Camp Hill, she told him she was from Byron Bay.

"You were wearing a black dress and had pink boots on. You had fair skin and dark hair. I don't think you would have been any older than say 23. You were slim and a little taller than me @ 6ft. Yes, you were taller than me. I don't care.

"You told me that you were from Byron Bay, that your mother is a doctor, you're up here in Brisbane (where you have a sister) studying arts and science and that you're thinking about getting into forensic science-y med stuff."

BG deeply regrets not asking for Quirky Girl's name and number.

"The regret is eating me alive as I know that I may never see you a second time," he wrote.
"You were just so damn fun and adorable. I've never been so curious about and so enthralled by anyone in my life."

BG made the post to Facebook on Wednesday night and it has had more than 4,200 shares, 4000 Likes and 159 well wishers' comments

He says he has decided to remain annonymous to maintain a level of privacy.

Here's hoping Bus Guy gets his wish and gets to have coffee with his Quirky Girl.

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