Outrage over photos of baby with drugs

PHOTOS that appear to show a baby with a bag of marijuana and money on its chest have been posted to a public Bundaberg social media site, prompting community outrage.

The woman who posted the photos on the Bundaberg Forum Uncensored Facebook site said they had been taken on her partner's phone, but the phone had been lost and the person in possession of it took the shots, which were uploading automatically to the owner's Google account.

"If anyone knows (name removed) can you please let her know she has my partner's phone (and) has uploaded her pics to his Google Drive account. The other photos were too disgusting and explicit to post," the post read.

The woman, who the NewsMail has chosen not to name as she said she feared for her safety, indicated the woman with the phone was from Bundaberg.

The post was accompanied by 13 images including a baby in a pink outfit with what appeared to show a bag of drugs, a clearly identifiable man smoking a bong, marijuana buds and a young woman in a sexually graphic pose.


The images prompted an outpouring of disgust, with many urging the woman who posted the images to pass them on to police.

"Please contact children's services with the photos, someone needs to make sure that child is in a safe environment," wrote one person.

"I think everyone needs to see this. Obviously this child needs someone to intervene. Who in their right mind thinks, 'oh, I'll take a photo of my baby with weed on top of it'?" another posted.

The woman who posted the images went on to say she had since contacted the police, and the NewsMail confirmed Bundaberg police were aware of the post and detectives from the Child Protection Investigation Unit were making inquiries in relation to the post.


The post has since been removed but highlights the dangers of taking images never intended to be made public.

CQUniversity head of professional communications Celeste Lawson said these days once a photo was taken it was so easy for it to end up in the public domain.

"Once a photo's taken, it's taken forever," Dr Lawson said.

"If you're not happy for your mum to see it then it's probably not worth taking the photo," she said.

"It you were to post photos of yourself doing something illegal then that proves that you've done that activity, so why would you take a photo of that?

"These days we have automatic syncing and if you've synced your photo library it goes up automatically."

Dr Lawson said the fact the person who posted the images first decided to put them on social media instead of contacting police was a reflection of society.

"Perhaps not the best choice of action but really quite indicative of how we are sharing our information, that the first thought of of this person was to post to a public forum rather than to send to the authorities," she said.

"It's kind of indicative of how we are living our lives in the quite open space and online forum these days."

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