The drug users fell out in violent fashion.
The drug users fell out in violent fashion. News Corp

Bum bag contents stolen when man in bathroom

A "PARANOID” ice user and her co-offenders repaid a man who bought them ice coffees by robbing and ditching him beside the Bruce Highway.

And Shyanne Maree Whatley, who turns 19 on Wednesday, stole another man's possessions while he used a bathroom.

Whatley met up with the first victim in September last year, Crown prosecutor Katrina Overell said.

Whatley, who pleaded guilty on Monday to three charges after a Gympie crime spree, was born in Tasmania and wanted to go back there, Brisbane District Court heard.

The first victim owed Whatley $50 and planned to repay the money.

Whatley, the victim and two other men drove to Coles Express service station on the Bruce Highway.

Ms Overell said Whatley became paranoid towards the victim and "demanded his phone so he couldn't call anyone”.

The debtor withdrew $300, bought refreshments, repaid his debt, then handed over another $50 to get his phone back.

The group went to smoke ice before turning on the victim.

A co-offender gave the victim "four seconds” to hand over his remaining $188, threatening him with a knife.

Whatley was charged with armed robbery in company after taking the man's drugs and allegedly handing the knife to her co-offender

There was some dispute about how and when the knife was handed over.

A stealing charge related to a separate time when another man's possessions were taken as he used a bathroom.

"He had a bum bag with his wallet, phone and charger,” Ms Overell told the court.

The goods were gone when he returned from his ablutions.

Whatley was also charged with intimidating a witness.

"It's striking at the heart of the judicial system,” Ms Overell said.

Whatley last November launched a foul-mouthed outburst in a Gympie court but was subdued at sentencing.

Defence barrister Kim Bryson said Whatley's parents separated when she was age seven.

"Her father she describes as a full-blown junkie,” Ms Bryson said.

"She herself was exposed to substance abuse at a young age.”

But Whatley had recently made progress with Bible study, counselling and trying to complete Year 11.

Ms Bryson said the offending was not an "organised criminal enterprise” but one in which meth-induced "spontaneity” was a motivating factor.

Judge Brian Devereaux said it was in everyone's best interests for Whatley to go back to Tasmania, as she had no remaining contacts in Queensland.

She was sentenced to 10 months' jail but had served about 286 days on remand and will be released on two years' probation. - NewsRegional

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