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Brian McFadden makes daughters pay for own Christmas gifts

Brian McFadden makes his daughters pay half the money towards their own Christmas and birthday presents.

The former Westlife singer has two children, Molly, 14, and Lilly-Sue, 13, with his ex-wife Kerry Katona and he admits he used to lavish them with gifts because he had parental guilt that he didn't spend enough time with because he and their mother were separated.

However, Brian began to notice his girls were getting spoilt and so put an end to the lavish spending and now makes Molly and Lilly-Sue contribute their own cash to any expensive items they want, even if they are on their festive or birthday wish lists, to make them learn the value of money.

During an appearance on daytime talk show 'Loose Women', he revealed: "I used to buy them a lot, you do feel guilty (if you're not there). The girls give me that little 'Daddy' look. For me, I started to notice that the girls would regularly text me and I'd look at my texts and then I realised when they would text and call they were looking for something. How I've changed it now is that if they want something substantial for their birthdays or Christmas I make them pay half of the money themselves and then I'll pay the other half."

Brian, 36, also revealed that apart from Kerry, 35, he has wiped his other ex-partners completely from his life after splitting from them.

The 'Just Say So' hitmaker was in a relationship with his ex-fiancée Australian singer-and-actress Delta Goodrem from 2004 until 2011 and he was married to DJ Vogue Williams for almost three years before they broke-up in July 2015.

To move on from the relationships, Brian has ditched photos of his former loves form his home and stopped following them on social media, but he has always kept Atomic Kitten star Kerry in his life because of their daughters.

He explained: "Instead of kind of mourning somebody I just train myself to act like they don't exist. Simple things like unfollowing them on social media, getting rid of all pictures and anything that would remind me of them and then I just carry on with life. Except for Kerry because I have got children and that is different. What's the point of sitting there and crying? You need to move on."

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