BMX bandit strikes in ‘Grubby’ stolen bike gear charge

A Boyne Island man instantly recognised his stolen red Honda 450 motor bike and its more unique parts that someone placed For Sale on Facebook just before Christmas. 

He quickly contacted police who tracked down and charged offender and Boyne resident Giles Pastoors.

Pastoors, 25, pleaded guilty in Gladstone Magistrates Court to two charges of receiving tainted property (the Honda bike) between December 20 and January 12, and two custom made BMX bikes; unlawful possession of a black bicycle frame, BMX bike and mountain bike frame suspected of being stolen; driving when court disqualified on February 28; and possession of drug utensils, bong and grinder on March 12.

Magistrate Jeffrey Clarke told him it was "a grubby thing to be involved in, possession of other people's stolen property".

Prosecutor Gavin Reece said police received a complaint on December 21 that two black and white BMX bikes had been stolen from a shopping centre.

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Police also got a report about a red Honda 450 motorbike had been stolen from a carport at Boyne Island and that "two males were seen running down the street with it".

"On January 9 police visited the victim's home who says a Giles Pastoors is attempting to sell it on Facebook," Mr Reece said.

"That it had the same scratch marks and same (distinguishable) parts."

Mr Reece said police searched Pastoors house the next day and found a bong and grinder in the kitchen, and two BMX bikes that had been resprayed orange and red which concealed their serial numbers.

A red Honda motor bike was found broken down into parts and its identification and serial number scratched off.

Another BMX bike was found resprayed red and a blue mountain bike was in a shed.

Pastoors told police he bought them online off the Gumtree site.

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"He says he received the motorbike from a previous room mate who left in a camper van as he was wanted by the police," Mr Reece said.

"He had not more details and police could not find the man. There was no paperwork to show he owned any of the items. "

Police sought $600 compensation for the Honda owner to cover his insurance excess.

Mr Reece said Pastoors was caught driving on February 28 just three weeks after he was disqualified for six months by a Gladstone magistrate, telling police he was driving mates out to Lake Awoonga.

Mr Clarke found Pastoors had laboured under some mental health issues but had told police "a demonstratively false story".

"You disregarded a court order. In defiance of the court you drove," he said.

"It shows you are someone who lives a lawless life."

He sentenced Pastoors to three years of supervised probation.

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