Best adrenaline rush you can have on sand

I ALWAYS thought I had a bucket-load of moxie.

During my world travels I quad biked in the Greek Islands, snorkelled on the Great Barrier Reef and went dune bashing in Dubai.

But it turns out I didn't have as much guts as I first thought.

That was, until I overcame my fears and went on a 4×4 adventure on the world's largest sand island, only an hour's barge trip away from Hervey Bay.

Since learning to drive I have had six car crashes and 100 more near misses. This obviously affected me more than I realised - which was why the idea of going off-road terrified me.

So on my first day learning to four-wheel drive on Fraser Island with Australian Offroad Academy, I was completely petrified - and I hadn't even got behind the wheel.

My fingers were white and numb and I held my breath as I clung to the handle above the window in the passenger seat, all while we slowly drove to the beginners driving course out the back of the beautiful Kingfisher Bay Resort.

While I have never been one to sit on the sidelines and watch, there was a moment when I contemplated giving up.

Then a voice inside of me prompted me "to give it a go", so I jumped behind the wheel.

It didn't take long until I was hooked and wanted to hog the driving, much to the dismay of my passengers.

We started off slow, learning the basics of four-wheel driving which includes tyre pressure, steering wheel hand placement, car selection, how to recover a vehicle and the importance of wearing your seatbelt even when driving at a low speed, before testing the limits at the man-made 4WD course.

After we all felt confident, we headed out onto the bush tracks and then onto 75 Mile Beach.

Focus was key while driving along the two-way, one-lane bush tracks and on the open beach, but every now and then you let yourself feel the exhilaration that comes with your vehicle powering through the powdery-sand and having two wheels off the ground at a time, all while you navigate uneven ground.

Sure, there were moments I was a little scared, but once I realised how much your vehicle can withstand and how much I could take, I discovered it was the best adrenaline rush you can have on the ground.

For all those women out there reading about my adventure who think 'I couldn't do that' - I strongly disagree.

The modern four-wheel drive can be driven with ease by anyone, regardless of your driving skills - there is a button to fix almost anything you could encounter off-road.

Plus, driving at 30kmh (provided you have your seatbelt fastened) the safety odds are in your favour as a 4WD beginner.

I was given the opportunity to visit Fraser Island thanks to Tourism Queensland, Kingfisher Bay Resort and Australian Offroad Academy, for a "girls can do anything weekend" and I definitely found my moxie on this trip.

I highly recommend learning to four-wheel drive and using that as your mode of transport to see the sights on the island.

The list of places to see and explore on Fraser Island is endless and on my three-day trip I only saw a small part of what the island has to offer, but I fell in love with the natural wonder that is located on our doorstep.

Must see and do:

Swim at Lake McKenzie.

Trek the sand dunes to Lake Wabby.

Learn to four-wheel drive.

Float down Eli Creek.

Relax at Kingfisher Bay.

Visit the SS Maheno shipwreck.

Go on a sunset cruise or whale watching.

Take a guided canoe trip to Dundonga Creek.

Check out the ancient trees in the Valley of the Giants.

Watch the sunset with a drink in hand at the Jetty Hut.

Expand your palate through a bush tucker tasting session.

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