Wade Alderman fronted Roma Magistrates Court on a string of charges.
Wade Alderman fronted Roma Magistrates Court on a string of charges.

‘Beat the f*** outta you’: charges laid for New Years abuse

THE first day of the new year proved traumatic for one Roma couple, after they bore the brunt of Wade Anthony Alderman’s attempts to enter and damage their home.

Alderman appeared via phone in Roma Magistrates Court on Wednesday, April 8, pleading guilty to one count each of damaging property, namely an airconditioning unit, attempt to enter dwelling to commit indictable offence at night, using a carriage service, namely a telephone, to make threats to harm, and did drive over the general alcohol limit.

At 2am on January 1, 2020, Alderman attended the home of a Roma couple understood to be known to him, and began to shout from outside that the husband come out and fight him.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Whiting told the court Alderman believed he was owed money by the victims, prompting him to stand outside their house. He then proceeded to walk around the house, kicking a mounted airconditioning unit three times, causing large dents.

When police arrived, Alderman left the scene, but returned at 3.35am. At this time, he walked back around and pushed the airconditioning unit through the wall, landing on the bed of the victims’ sleeping 17-year-old son.

The court heard Alderman then walked back to the front door, where he continued to kick and punch it, all the while shouting at the family and challenging the husband to a fight.

Furthermore, between those two instances, Alderman called the victim and told her this needed to be dealt with.

Sgt Whiting repeated what Alderman had told the victim

“I’m dealing with this so send your man out right now,” he said.

“Come on, don’t be a f***ing p***y mole, I’m dealing with this right now.”

At 4.35am, the victim received another call from Alderman, at which point he left a message:

“ … Think you’ve got it over my family you dumb mole, I’ll beat the f*** out of your man so you can’t even see his face you dumb sl**.

Police located the defendant and denied an interview.

Alderman’s lawyer, Ms Reed said the night in question, the defendant believed he was owed money.

She said he had now acknowledged the wrongdoing, was remorseful and apologetic.

“This is very serious offending you have done,” Magistrate Saggers told Alderman.

For the wilful damage and attempt to enter, the magistrate ordered Alderman carry out a two year probation and 120 hours of community service.

For the Commonwealth offence of using a carriage service, Alderman has entered into a $750 bond valid for two years.

Convictions were not recorded.

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