Desmond Brian Ballangarry pleaded guilty to two counts of assault causing bodily harm and several other charges.
Desmond Brian Ballangarry pleaded guilty to two counts of assault causing bodily harm and several other charges.

‘Bark like a dog’: how horrific bushland attack played out

BLOODIED and beaten the anguished face of a dishevelled man clad in jeans and black T-shirt is stark in a video of his torture shown in an Ipswich court.

Distressed and lying on his back in bushland at one point a shot gun is seen on the bonnet of the man's car, filmed by one of his tormentors on a mobile phone.

"I feel like f***ing a dog tonight," the threatening voice of one man is heard - identified in court as that of Jordan Battisson.

The kidnapped man is told to get on his hands and knees and bark like a dog, a male voice says "I should kill you now".

A woman's voice, identified as that of Emily Smith, calls him "a maggot" then says "I've got blood all over me."

She laughs, saying "I like it".

Recorded scenes include a man saying "you did f**k my wife ***t", blood smearing the man's face as he lays on the ground.

"Have your last cigarette dog. Smoke it, smoke it. Cry dog cry".

Two of the offenders were arrested following a lengthy police chase in early morning darkness through the streets of Yamanto and Ipswich with police continuing their pursuit even after one man pointed a loaded rifle at them.

The murky details of awful criminal behaviour done by a bunch of people who each apparently had their own personal grievances with the defenceless man was heard in Ipswich District Court when three of the offenders pleaded guilty to serious charges in a Crown prosecution case.

The offences committed when they took the man late at night from the Monaco motel in North Ipswich out to bushland near Fernvale in October 2018.

Desmond Brian Ballangarry, 30, from Brassall; Jordan Taylor Battisson, 24, from Esk; and Emily Rebecca Hannah Smith, 25, from Pine Mountain; each pleaded guilty to two counts of assault causing bodily harm when armed in company; five charges of assault; deprivation of liberty; torture; unlawful possession of weapons - firearm; and unlawful use of a stolen motor vehicle.

Battisson also pleaded guilty to dangerous driving and three counts of serious assault police when armed with a firearm.

Smith also pleaded guilty to charges of driving unlicensed, possession of dangerous drugs, five counts of stealing, and two further charges of unlawful use of stolen cars.

Sentencing was delayed when Smith pleaded not guilty to two charges involving the theft of registration plates with Crown prosecutor Clayton Wallis having to prepare a fresh indictment with new charges of receiving for her to plead guilty to.

Judge Alexander Horneman-Wren SC said this should have been worked out a long time before sentence. The matters were eventually resolved and circumstances of aggravation were added by Mr Wallis to two charges against Mr Battisson who maintained his guilty plea.

Mr Wallis said he would read a summary of the Crown facts saying "it will not reflect the true gravity of their offending". More detailed written facts were given to Judge Horneman-Wren.

Battisson and the male victim drove to an Ipswich motel to meet up with others and drugs were taken in a bathroom.

Mr Wallis said a man named Matthew Chivers became aggressive and accused the man of putting his mate away for three years (in jail).

"This began four hours of violence that rained down on the complainant," said Mr Wallis.

"Seems he attended at the motel (Monaco) at 1am. He presented to Ipswich hospital at 6.10am, driven there by a Good Samaritan from Fernvale."

Mr Wallis said the man while in the motel bathroom was told to "shut the f**k up" by Shivers and to take everything out of his pockets

Battisson took the man's car keys to go out and get his mobile phone but returned with no phone, calling him "a lying dog".

He was humiliated by being told to get down on his knees and "bark like the dog you are".

The man was kicked in the face and the phone found and taken - Mr Wallis saying "He was unable to reach out to the outside world and call for assistance".

Told to get down on his belly the man's hands were tied with shoe laces - "so tight his hands tingled".


Jordan Taylor Battisson, 24, pleaded guilty to two counts of assault causing bodily harm when armed in company and other charges.
Jordan Taylor Battisson, 24, pleaded guilty to two counts of assault causing bodily harm when armed in company and other charges.


Mr Wallis said a small blow torch, of the type "used for a crème Broulee" was held but not used.

The man was driven away from the motel in his own car - driven erratically by Mr Chivers.

When the man bumped Smith in the car, she slapped his face saying "I don't want your germs".

Ballangarry put a black jumper over the man's head so he would not see where he was being taken and heard Battisson say "I know a spot near Fernvale".

At bushland the man was told to get out and get on his hands and knees and crawl on the ground.

He was told to bark louder and Smith hit him with a torch.

Battisson then came toward the man carrying a sawn-off shot gun, making a comment about not killing him and that he'd saved him before.

"Stop crying you little pansy," one of the offenders said.

The gun is taken back to the car and Battisson returns with a cricket bat, the man trying to move away.

"If you keep moving your are going to get hurt twice as hard that's what dog's get," said Battisson.

The man was told to get back on his hands and knees, Battisson saying "bend over I feel like f***ing a dog tonight".

He was told to leave his pants alone.

A firework with its wick hanging out was tried to be put in his anus but unable to be done because of his pants - Mr Wallis saying this was a continuation of depraved conduct.

Smith then hit him several times in the head with a torch.

One incident on video shows two men standing over the man lying on the ground trying to cajole him with force to smoke a cigarette.

One man held a drill and there were threats of death.

"Shouldn't be a f***en snitch," says a male voice.

Smith takes the cigarette and extinguishes it on his forehead.

"I've been waiting months for this day. You f***ed my wife," said Ballangarry.

"He denies it saying I didn't know you two were together, and he is again told not to be a dog," Mr Wallis said.

"Battisson says I should kill you right now and strikes him with the handle of the gun."

A fire cracker is let off near his arm.

Mr Wallis said the behaviour lasted several hours before the stole the man's car and left him beaten in a remote area.

The injured man was able to find his way to a road and a passing driver took him to Ipswich hospital.

"Two videos were found on Smith's phone in a motel room when police searched," Mr Wallis said.

He said their depraved conduct includes cruelty for cruelty's sake.

When police later saw two men driving in the stolen car in early morning darkness there had been a pursuit involving multiple police cars across Ipswich.

In-camera police car video was played to the court with the car driven by Battisson crossing onto the wrong side of the roads, heading down Brisbane Road the wrong direction, and going past Yamanto police station three times.

A lit jerry can was thrown from the car but the flame went out.

"A shotgun that was later found loaded was pointed in the direction of two police cars. Battisson is pointing that," said Mr Wallis.

After five hours in court, and as a result of the earlier delays, Judge Horneman-Wren adjourned proceedings until Monday afternoon.

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