Ban that has H & M customers seething in Toowoomba

A TOOWOOMBA mother has hit out at a ban against trolleys by a new retailer which she says is against the city's "family friendly" nature.

The woman says she was barred from entering the H&M Toowoomba at the new Grand Central because she was pushing a shopping trolley.

She was shopping recently with her young family when she attempted to enter the store.

Her husband, who was pushing a pram, was allowed entry.

But when she tried to enter with a trolley filled with purchases and her toddler, she was refused.

"I was deemed a security risk," the woman said.

"Yet my husband was allowed to enter. Which of course he declined to do."

The woman said she was embarrassed and disgusted at the treatment.

"I have never in my life been refused entry to a store.

"H&M you need to know and understand Toowoomba is a very family friendly town.

"And if my money isn't good enough for you I am sure many other families in the region will fall into the same category.

"You only need to look around the centre and see many parents pushing their children in trolleys.

"You lost sales today, as I imagine I was not the only person turned away.

"Appalling customer service and you will never see a cent of my money again."  

The woman took to social media to complain about the ban and received the support of a number of other residents.

Another woman said she was turned away because she was carrying a takeaway coffee.

Reports that H&M was banning customers with trolleys were first made in Queensland when H&M opened its Brisbane store last year.

The ban drew similar responses of outrage and even led to calls for a boycott of the Swedish clothing giant.

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A representative of the story told Daily Mail Australia at the time that the store had experienced a higher incidence of trolley-related injuries when they were allowed in store. 

"However we do appreciate the feedback we have received from our customers so we are continuing to evaluate this policy," she said.

The Chronicle contacted for H&M for comment about its policy.

The store opened in Toowoomba on Thursday.

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