A Roma judge has labelled an abuser's defence as outrageous after an incident earlier this year.
A Roma judge has labelled an abuser's defence as outrageous after an incident earlier this year. Michael Doyle

Attack on pregnant woman labelled 'filthy'

A ROMA judge has labelled an abuser's defence as outrageous after the man blamed his partner for a series of violent attacks.

On May 9, the 33-year-old Roma man was home with his partner of eight months, when he became enraged over a series of old text messages.

The man, who can't be named for legal reasons, snatched the phone from the victim, who was sitting on the couch crying, and broke it with his hands.

He then hit the victim across the right side of the face with a cushion, before picking up a washing basket and hitting the victim again, causing graze marks.

Standing above her, the man then swung his fist, connecting with the victim's right eye causing pain and swelling.

The defendant dropped to his knees immediately, putting his arms around the victim and apologised.

This behaviour was repeated on May 16, when the man spat in the victim's face while she was sleeping.

The victim, who was pregnant with the couple's child at the time, faked contractions so the ambulance service would be called.

Police prosecutor Heather Whiting said the man had no prior convictions of this nature, however asked the judge to consider the severity of the attacks.

The defence stated the man was seeking counselling

"He spat on her, and that's common assault, only filthy animals do that," Magistrate James Blanch said.

"It's the lowest act in the world to spit on someone."

When asked for leniency, Magistrate Blanch replied "not a chance".

"Taking into account you are pleading guilty here today, which is an early plea, the offences presented to court today are very serious," he said.

"I've seen photographs of the injury and it is one decent black eye - and you didn't stop there.

"You've shown absolutely no respect for her and the community is sick and tired of people like you," Magistrate Blanch said.

The man was given a 18-month suspended sentence for one count of common assault, assault occasioning bodily harm and wilful damage.

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