The Apple Watch Series 2 is waterproof to 50 metres

Apple Watch Series 2: Freedom to get moving

SWIMMING in the ocean just off the beach, I set myself what I considered to be a pretty moderate exercise goal. Burn 1000 kilojoules.

After battling in and out of the waves, swimming back and forth between the flags, I look at my new waterproof Apple Watch Series 2 and notice that I have swum about 80 metres.

Undeterred, I continue to rack up the KJs and the metres until I reach my goal.

Then, of course, I think to myself - why not double it?

So I keep going.

Almost an hour later, I have achieved more than 2100 active kilojoules.

I dry off and then jump on to my bike, setting a modest goal of five kilometres.

Some good music via the iPhone 7 and wireless Beats headphones keeps me going from another 50 plus minutes - and about 10 kilometres.

In fact, I didn't even need to take my phone as the built-in GPS would have tracked my movements - and I could have played songs directly from my watch.

For someone on a fitness kick, the new version watch is all about freedom.

The novelty of being able to take the watch into water (up to 50 metres), means you will probably find yourself continually referring to your watch to monitor your progress.

One of the big improvements on the first watch is that it is two times brighter - 1000 nits of display to be precise.

It means that even when you are in full sunlight, you can easily read messages, check emails, see breaking news alerts and, of course, watch the time.

As well as GPS, the Apple Series 2 watch has a new dual-core processor that is definitely faster.

Apps launch more quickly while the built-in GPS means there is little lag when setting off on routes.

The watch comes with a wide range of exercise options built in - including both pool and open ocean swimming, as well as walking, running, and cycling.

Apple developed new algorithms after performing real-world testing involving 1500 workouts on more than 700 individual swimmers of varying abilities and types.

The watch uses the vibration of sound to expel water that may get into the speaker area.

As part of Australian Regional Media's Kick the Kilos campaign, I have been using the Strava app to rack up as many kilometres as I can.

The app can be quickly launched from your watch, which becomes a quick reference point as you set out on your journey.

The amount of information that is captured by the Apple Watch is incredible.

It can count laps, track average lap pace and auto-detect stroke types to measure calories burnt.

My swimming stroke can be a little loose at times so it came back with 'mixed' for me after initially showing undetected.

The watch is not just about exercise. It also tells you to breathe - seriously. Gentle taps and a beautiful looking animation guide you to breathe in and out.

All in all, Apple Watch Series 2 is a great step up for a healthier, happier day.