Book Review: Anti-Cool is cool

ROSIE Waterland's Bachelor recaps are perhaps the most exciting element of Australia's reality TV landscape.

Despite both loving her work, we had no idea just what to expect from her debut, The Anti-Cool Girl.

Blunt, honest and absolutely hilarious - it's almost impossible not to warm to Waterland's unique writing style.

But The Anti-Cool Girl isn't light and funny.

It explores with great honesty everything from living with drug-addicted parents and dodgy step-dads to horrendous bullying at an elite private school, suicide attempts, eating disorders, mental health issues and awkward sexual encounters.

Despite this, we were laughing out loud at points.

Waterland brilliantly combines humour with normally taboo topics.

While not everyone who reads this will have lived through identical experiences, there's bound to be at least one aspect most people will relate to.

Both of us were inspired by Waterland to stop stressing so much about what others think.

Sometimes being cool is about finding yourself for who you really ought to be, loving yourself for your imperfections and knowing you are what you make of life.

You can't spend life trying to impress everyone because it's such an impossible task.

If you just impress yourself, do what you love, however you want to, then you'll beam the confidence that attracts others.

Sometimes you won't feel fabulous, but just doing your own thing and respecting yourself will make you the coolest person in the room.

The Anti-Cool Girl might be brutal, but it's also honest, intelligent and laugh-out-loud funny.

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