Annette Mason.
Annette Mason. Contributed

Annette Mason's family seeks justice after 28 years

HER little sister Annette is never far from her thoughts, but it's this time of year that is particularly difficult for Linda Mason and her family.

Tomorrow, November 19, marks 28 years since 15-year-old Annette Mason's body was found on a bed in the house she shared in Anzac Ave.

She had been bludgeoned with a wooden plank found nearby.

To date, her murder remains unsolved and her murderer or murderers are quite possibly walking our streets.

"This is probably the hardest time of the year leading up to Christmas," Linda Mason said.

"I remember being excited back then (1989) when it was approaching Christmas and then it happened.

"We didn't get to enjoy Christmas for a long time after that."

Losing any child is devastating for a family but to lose a much-loved teenager in such a violent, brutal way and then not get to see the perpetrator or perpetrators brought to justice is heartbreaking.

And, the Mason family has endured that heartache for 28 long years.

However, the family has never given up the fight to find Annette's killers and the fact a second, and hopefully more thorough, coroner's inquest is to be held possibly in the early new year has given Annette's family renewed hope.

"I can't wait," Linda said of the inquest.

"Hopefully, something positive will come out of it but I know it's a last ditch effort really.

"I just hope people who know come forward."

Early on in the investigation, police had suspects but a lack of witness accounts and concrete evidence prevented bringing anyone to trial.

It is hoped that with the case evidence being reviewed with improved investigative techniques and modern technology that a more clear picture of the murder - and the murderers - will emerge.

Linda knows there are people out there, in Toowoomba and elsewhere, who know what happened and who committed this atrocity.

It has been claimed some witnesses didn't come forward because they feared for their own lives should they go to police.

But that doesn't cut it with Linda.

"It's not good enough after the suspect has died to come out and say 'it was him'," she said.

"Those people who know need to come forward.

"It was 30 years ago, those people (suspects) are no longer a threat.

"Let us have some sort of justice.

"Annette was my only sister and so my kids have missed out on having an aunty and having her in their lives.

"We lost a beautiful person while those people who killed her are walking around and probably went on to have children and grandchildren of their own.

"Annette deserves justice."

Linda asked that we all remember Annette this Sunday by staging our own candle light vigil.

"Light a candle or leave a light on to remember Annette," she said.

A $250,000 reward remains on offer for information leading to the conviction of anyone responsible for Annette's murder.

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