"Sonia Kruger isn't evil": Waleed Aly's plea for unity

PROJECT host Waleed Aly has delivered yet another viral editorial on air tonight. 

Aly started off by talking about Sonia Kruger's comments in relation to halting Islamic immigration saying her stance was motivated by fear. 

"I am scared too, I am afraid for this country, I see such hostility and aggression and I am afraid about what it could do to this country," Aly told viewers. 

"I'm terrified about what it's doing to my friends and my family.

"Honestly I am scared about where I belong, like, let me give you an example - you probably missed this, this week but The Australian chose to publish this letter from a reader."

Aly then quoted from a letter published in The Australian this week which said the fact the Nice terrorist was only a criminal and not part of a terror plot made the situation worse because it meant the only way to stop acts of terror from occurring was placing Muslims in internment camps. 



"This is presumably an Australian man talking about locking up Muslims - people like me without trial or even allegation - in camps," Aly said. 

"And this comment was published in a national Australian newspaper."

Aly ended by saying it was time for Australians to stop responding to world events with destructive outrage, to engage with one another in conversation of genuine debate not derisive disagreement. 

"What I'm suggesting is while it feels good to choose destruction, right now I think we need to try construction," he said. 

"I am not saying you should be silent in the face of bigotry but when you do engage with someone you disagree with I'm talking about assuming the best in people.

"Showing others radical generosity in the face of their hostility - even when it hurts.

"And this is the much harder choice because it demands much more restraint and patience and so much more strength."

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