Double stabbing at Alva Beach. Pic Shannen McDonald
Double stabbing at Alva Beach. Pic Shannen McDonald

ALVA BEACH INQUEST: Victim’s widow gives evidence

UPDATE: THE widow of a man fatally stabbed at Alva Beach has relived the night leading up to her husband's death, saying she was woken by her husband's lifelong friend repeating "Corey's been stabbed".

Jaye Christensen, the wife of Corey Christensen, kept her composure as she recounted the final hours before her husband's death at the inquest in Cairns Magistrates Court this morning.

Ms Christensen, who married Mr Christensen in 2015, said their small community were holding a "street party" to watch the NRL grand final on a spare block opposite their Alva Beach home the night he was stabbed.

Multiple people attended, including two people she did not know that her husband and his friend Louis Bengoa, had met on the beach that afternoon while riding Mr Bengoa's buggy.

Those two people were Candice Locke and Thomas Davy.

The pair arrived at the block about 6pm, with Ms Christensen saying that Ms Locke appeared to be drunk.

Ms Christensen said she observed Ms Locke making her way around the group, and appeared to be flirting with some of the men, including Mr Christensen.

"Candice was getting quite loud and moving around and sort of kept moving towards Corey … (Corey) took note I wasn't liking that and he came and sat next to me," she said.

Ms Christensen said she observed Mr Davy tap Ms Locke on the elbow, assuming he was prompting her they should leave after she became more "vulgar" and intoxicated.

Ms Christensen said Ms Locke started swearing at Mr Davy, and he took off in his car.

About 10pm, Ms Christensen went home and last saw Ms Locke sitting in a gutter near a neighbour's home.

Her husband followed her home briefly before heading back to the vacant block of land.

Ms Christensen said he was also drunk, but did not have an aggressive bone in his body.

That was the last time she saw him.

Ms Christensen was woken about 3am by Mr Bengoa, who kept repeating "Corey's been stabbed".

He was flanked by two young police officers who told her that her husband had been killed.

Mr Christensen then spent about 12 hours without another visit from police, saying in that time she still had no idea what really happened to her husband.

She said Ayr CIB Detective Sergeant Gavin Neil visited her home about 3pm that afternoon after her friends went down to the crime scene and asked when she would know more information.

Ms Christensen said Det Sgt Neil told her that Mr Christensen had been fatally stabbed after breaking into a home.

She said he told her that Ms Locke had been pushed off Mr Bengoa's buggy and ran into Dean Webber's home.

It was at this home her husband was stabbed by Dean Webber.

Det-Sgt Neil visited her again the following day, saying that Mr Webber had not been charged.

"(He said) it was clearly obvious that it was self-defence," Ms Christensen said.

"I recall him saying that if it were him, he would have done the same thing."

Ms Christensen said she had to face Mr Webber all the time, saying she saw him most weekends and often at the beach.

"Just had to live with the fact we are in a small vicinity … it's been hard," she said.

A neighbour, Ann Phelan, is giving evidence next.


UPDATE: A barrister representing Dean Webber has claimed his client is not fit to give evidence at the Alva Beach inquest, but lawyers representing the victims say the 21-year-old needs to be cross examined as his evidence doesn't stack up.

Lawyer of Mr Webber, Harvey Walters submitted an application to Deputy State Coroner Jane Bentley at Cairns Magistrates Court this morning, stating a doctor had diagnosed Mr Webber with PTSD as a direct result of the coronal investigation, and advised he be excused from taking the stand.

Mr Walters said the doctor's statement showed Mr Webber had a "moderate to severe" diagnosis of PTSD, and Mr Webber became highly emotional while recounting specific events that happened.

The doctor's report also stated that it took Mr Webber "days to recover" from reliving the incident.

"I ask the court exercise its discretion not to order him to do that …" Mr Walters said.

Lawyer for Tom Davy's family, Chris Minnery, said traumatised witnesses gave evidence at court all the time, and said the court should reject the application.

"He might well be traumatised, but the difference is that quite a number of other people are as well," he said.

Mr Minnery said it would be extreme for the person who "caused both deaths" to not be cross-examined at the inquest.

"What he says about the … weapon appears to be inconsistent," he said.

"There is no forensic evidence stating Mr Christensen was inside the home at all.

"There is inconsistencies between what he says and blood and DNA evidence throughout."

Mr Minnery said it was also unfair to the Davy family if Mr Webber didn't give evidence.

James Godbolt, lawyer representing the Christensen family, said he strongly opposed the application, stating there was flaws in Mr Webber's accounts and the evidence

"There is no forensic evidence at all that places Corey Christensen inside the house at any time … that is in circumstances where he has sustained a fatal stab wound … a wound that was to a depth of 70mm, and a wound that perpetrated the right ventricle of his heart."

Mr Godbolt said one doctor's report was not enough to dismiss Mr Webber from taking the stand, saying he has never had any treatment for PTSD and has never been on medication.

"Only he … can talk of what took place before the critical moment," Mr Godbolt said.

Mr Walters said Mr Webber had seven counselling sessions after the incident.

Lawyers for both Queensland Police Service and Queensland Ambulance Service did not have a position on the application.

Candice Locke's lawyer did not wish to be heard.

Ms Bentley asked to hear from Mr Webber's doctor to hear about what strategies could be put in place so Mr Webber could give evidence without taking a toll on his mental health.

Ms Bentley said there are some questions that can only be answered by Mr Webber.

She suggested that his time in the stand be short.

Mr Walters will follow up with the doctor today before Ms Bentley makes a decision.


EARLIER: THE HIGHLY anticipated Alva Beach inquest, two years in the making, will kick off this morning with emotions set to run high as witnesses give evidence about what happened the night two men were stabbed to death.

Thomas Davy, 27, and Corey Christensen, 37, were killed on October 1, 2018 after being fatally stabbed inside a home at Topton St, Alva Beach.

Double stabbing at Alva Beach. Pic Shannen McDonald
Double stabbing at Alva Beach. Pic Shannen McDonald

The men were looking for Candice Locke at the home of Dean Webber when they were fatally stabbed.

The exact details of what happened that night have remained unclear since the tragedy, but today five witnesses will give evidence on the first day of the five-day inquest at Cairns Magistrates Court.

Mr Christensen's widow, Jaye, is first to take the stand, followed by friends who were with the men hours before they died.

Later, Ms Locke will take the stand and give her evidence in the afternoon.

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