FIGHTING: Pauline Hanson and One Nation will be preferenced last by the major parties but Ms Hanson is not surprised.
FIGHTING: Pauline Hanson and One Nation will be preferenced last by the major parties but Ms Hanson is not surprised. Rob Williams

ALP and LNP will be putting Hanson last

LABOR and the LNP are putting Pauline Hanson's One Nation last with their preferences.

Representatives of both major parties have told the QT that Ms Hanson had no solutions to the problems facing modern Australia.

But Ms Hanson has hit back, saying the major parties were in agreement because they regard her as a threat.

Blair MP Shayne Neumman said the ALP was putting One Nation last and the Greens number two in his seat.

"The policies of Pauline Hanson are socially divisive and economically irresponsible," he said.

"Labor has taken the principled position since she came on the political scene 20 years ago to put One Nation last.

"I think Ipswich has outgrown Pauline Hanson and Hansonism.

"We are a multicultural, dynamic, progressive community here in Ipswich and it has grown a lot since those days."

Mr Neumann said One Nation offered "simplistic solutions to complex problems".

Senator George Brandis, the leader of the Government in the Senate, said the LNP was putting One Nation last in every electorate in Queensland except Herbert, in Townsville, for local reasons.

"Because of the QNI (Queensland Nickel) closure and what Clive Palmer did to those workers we are putting the Palmer United party last in Herbert and Hanson second last," he said.

"But essentially we are putting Hanson last everywhere, and she is not on our Senate card.

"Under the new Senate voting system you recommend people vote first for your party, above the line, and then you nominate five other preferences.

"We are putting Family First second, and other like minded and more conservative parties down the list, but we are not putting Hanson on our Senate how to vote card at all."

Senator Brandis said there were several reasons for that decision.

"Pauline Hanson has no answers to the problems of modern Australia," he said.

"She has nothing to say about economic prosperity and nothing to say about jobs and growth. A vote for Pauline Hanson would be a wasted vote."

But Ms Hanson said that she was treating voters with more respect.

"Except for two seats, I have left the choice (for preferences) up to voters, because they own their preferences," she said.

"If they are Labor leaning they can vote that way, or if they lean towards the LNP that way.

"The major parties see me as a threat and don't want me on the floor of parliament raising issues and examining their legislation to make them accountable.

"They have always colluded to stop me, but it is interesting how over the years they have picked up a few of my policies," she said."

"They are out of touch with grass roots Australia.

"As far as ruining the economy, well I can't ruin it any more than they already are.

"We are reaching half a trillion dollars in debt. When a company goes bust and the administrator comes in you don't blame the administrator do you.

"They are both running around with credit cards throwing around money left, right and centre…and pork barrelling. But we can't afford it."

Ms Hanson said she had a raft of economic policies with regard to taxation, debt and the budget.

She said free trade agreements had harmed local industries and that her policies on tariffs and protectionism had been made after wide consultation with industry in both urban and regional areas.

"Both parties have shown no leadership... and the result is lost jobs," she said.

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