INVESTIGATION: Police investigate the scene of the stabbing death of Landon Delinecort in Avoca in 2015.
INVESTIGATION: Police investigate the scene of the stabbing death of Landon Delinecort in Avoca in 2015. Craig Warhurst

Accused killer's mum says she told him to flee the scene

WITH her son Luke Turnbull accused of murdering Bundaberg boxer Landon Delinecort with a knife to the heart, Debbie Turnbull gave emotionally charged evidence at his trial today.

Leaning forward in her seat at the Supreme Court, Mrs Turnbull recounted on the night of Landon's death Luke, who was injured, phoned her sounding terrified.

"He said he was being chased by seven blokes and running for his life," Mrs Turnbull said.

"(Luke said) I ditched my bike, I'm on foot. (I said) why? (He said) so he couldn't be followed," she said.

"I said 'Stop talking. Don't stop, run and run' ... 'til he got to Naomi's."

Mrs Turnbull, who cried as she gave evidence, said she later phoned Luke and heard Naomi, Luke's partner, saying she couldn't stop the bleeding.

She said she had not told him to call police.

Mrs Turnbull said over that weekend Luke and her husband Steve spoke several times by phone. But she did not see Luke until Monday morning at the office of his lawyer, Matt Messenger.

Turnbull, 37, has pleaded not guilty to three charges: the murder of Landon Delinecort, 24, on November 27, 2015; causing grievous bodily harm to Landon's father, Calvin Delinecort; and assaulting Landon's elder brother Brock Delinecort.

When Turnbull began his second day of evidence, Crown prosecutor Greg Cummings's first question was about his claim that Landon had held a knife that fateful night.

"Landon never had a knife," Mr Cummings put to Turnbull.

"Not true," Turnbull said.

Turnbull said that while he had been lunging at Brock Delinecort he had then lunged toward Landon, as they were both coming at him.

"You said Landon had a knife," Mr Cummings said.

"Yes," Turnbull said.

In cross-examination, Turnbull said that Landon had been "jabbing at him with a knife".

He said Brock struck him with a mattock handle.

And when he jumped on to his motor bike with its motor running, Turnbull said he saw by the headlight both Landon and Brock standing.

He said he put the sheath of a knife into his trouser leg saying "no way I was putting it (the knife) down".

"You kept holding the knife?" Mr Cummings asked.

"Yes," Turnbull replied.

He said Brock had said "I'll kill you c---" and had his hand in his pocket.

"I've seen him before with a little hand pistol. He brought it over to my house," said Turnbull.

"That didn't happen, did it?" Mr Cummings asked.

"Yes, it did," Turnbull said.

"You didn't go to the police as you realised you just killed someone as was your intention at the time," Mr Cummings said.

"No, sir," said Turnbull.

Mr Cummings queried Turnbull further, saying the reason he did not go to police was "because you knew you murdered Landon".

"No, sir," Turnbull said.

"You at least tried to cause Landon grievous harm, serious injury if not kill him," Mr Cummings said.

"No, sir," Turnbull said.

"You took the knife with you, didn't you?" Mr Cummings asked.

"No, I didn't," Turnbull said.

"That empty (knife) sheath found in your bedroom was for your knife," Mr Cummings continued.

"No it wasn't. It was for my throwing knife that I lost," Turnbull said.

Turnbull also denied a Crown allegation he was trying to hide his motorbike afterwards because he knew the police would be looking for him.

Turnbull said he hadn't known Landon died until shown a message the next morning, a Bundaberg News Mail clip that said Fatal Fight.

"I found out Landon was dead. I was in shock," Turnbull said.

"When I left he (Landon) was standing on his feet with Brock."

"You don't remember striking anyone," queried Mr Cummings.

"I didn't."

"So why did you think you were responsible for Landon's death.

"I didn't know I'd got him."

"You didn't touch him with a knife.

"I thought I must have. I did."

"The reason you know he died is that you stabbed him, not once but twice," said Mr Cummings.

Turnbull denied causing grievous bodily harm to Calvin Delinecort, saying gravel injuries he saw (in photo evidence) to Calvin's face he had not seen when he left on his motorbike.

"I did not see that," he said.

"I punched him in the face. He (Calvin) went straight back."

In evidence, Turnbull's partner Naomi Terare said he used ice "at least weekly" and was buying the drug from both Calvin and Brock Delinecort.

She sometimes drove with him to the Delinecorts' home, saying Turnbull would return to the car with "a small bag with crystal-like rocks in it".

"He would take it home then smoke it," Ms Terare said.

When told about Landon's death, Ms Terare said Turnbull was shocked.

"We dropped to our knees. We both started crying," she said.

Jurors will retire to consider their verdict today.

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