Whittington to "expose" 60 minutes after failed child snatch

ADAM Whittington has vowed to expose what really went on before and during the 60 Minutes botched child-recovery operation in Lebanon in April.

Mr Whittington left Beirut on Saturday evening warning "the truth is coming out".

Nine is believed to have paid Mr Whittington's company for the April 7 abduction attempt. However, Mr Whittington and his three colleagues were not included in a jail release deal negotiated two weeks later for the 60 Minutes crew and the children's mother.

ARM Newsdesk asked Nine Network communications director Victoria Buchan yesterday if the media organisation would be commenting on Mr Whittington's release or his threat to reveal the "truth".

She replied, "no".

Mr Whittington spent the past three-and-a-half months in a Beirut jail after he and his colleagues, the 60 Minutes crew and Brisbane mum Sally Faulkner were busted trying to steal back Ms Faulkner's children, Lahela and Noah, in a Hezbollah-controlled district in southern Beirut

The 60 Minutes' crew, including reporter Tara Brown, and Ms Faulkner were released 14 days later.

They were allowed to return home after reportedly paying Ms Faulkner's former husband, Ali Elamine, $500,000 to help secure their release.

Mr Elamine also forced Ms Faulkner to relinquish custody of her children, who were in Lebanon because he took them there for holidays and refused to let them leave.

Mr Elamine has since blocked Ms Faulkner from having any contact with her children.

Dual British-Australian passport holder Mr Whittington earned bail and court approval last week to leave Lebanon after intense lobbying by Australian and British consular staff.

"Finally, finally the truth is coming out, very soon, don't worry about that," Mr Whittington told Fairfax Media before boarding a plane at Beirut-Rafic Hariri International Airport.

"I'm shocked, really, we've come across so many hurdles to get out of here."

Ms Brown was back on air last night for the first time since returning to Australia.

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