How to buy on sale and stockpile for great savings

STOCKPILING is a habit that is very common among tightwads (like meeee) to save a few extra dollars when shopping. It is also great for people who want to be prepared for emergency situations.

Before you start buying products in bulk, make sure you have enough storage room in your home or office. Additionally, you should only stockpile products that don't spoil over a long period of time - otherwise it just ends up in the bin, and that's a great waste of cash. Here are my top picks:

Powdered milk: There are two reasons why you should always have a stock of powered milk. One, it's a product that we consume almost every day (especially those with children). Instead of rushing down to the shop at midnight, you can use your stockpile. The second is that it lasts for a long time and doesn't take up as much space as fresh milk.

Hard cheese: Cheese is becoming more and more expensive. So when you see it on sale, buy up a few kilograms. Stored correctly in the fridge, it will last a very long time. You can grate cheese and freeze it for up to a year.

Coffee and tea: Most "special" cycles run about six weeks. That is, when you buy coffee or tea on sale it can take up to six weeks for it to come on sale again, so stock up before you run out.

Cereals: Cereals always store well if sealed, and they always get eaten. You can save a lot of money by buying cereal that is only discounted, and putting it away.

Toilet paper: Toilet paper is so expensive seeing we just flush it away. I'll only buy it on sale - and in huge packs. Hide it under beds, on top of wardrobes or even in the shed.

Toothpaste: Another necessity that is so expensive. I've seen tubes for up to $9! Grab it while it is cheap and store the tubes in your cupboard AWAY from the bathroom - or the children will open every one.

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