Andy Ruiz was never in a fit state to fight.
Andy Ruiz was never in a fit state to fight.

Criticism continues to hit Andy Ruiz

THE only figure outnumbering the amount of party pies Andy Ruiz stuffed down his gob before his heavyweight title defence is the number of critics who have come out and blasted the boxer for his poor preparation ahead of his fight against Anthony Joshua.

It's been nearly a week since Ruiz surrendered his belts in Saudi Arabia but the taunts keep coming from pundits who can't believe the defending champ entered the ring in such awful shape.



The American-Mexican has admitted he "ate everything" and partied too hard before the biggest bout of his career and British boxing manager and promoter Frank Warren has become the latest voice to lash out at the 30-year-old's conditioning.

Ruiz weighed in for the fight at 128kg - 7kg heavier than he was when he upset Joshua in June - making him the heaviest boxer to fight for a world heavyweight title behind seven-foot Russian Nikolai Valuev.

At the time Ruiz insisted it was all part of the plan but it became painfully clear during the scrap his fitness cost him any real shot at retaining his gold straps.

Writing a blog post on his website, Warren - who promotes British megastar Tyson Fury - branded Ruiz a "disgrace" to boxing.

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"Andy Ruiz Jr, on the other hand, brought disgrace to himself and the sport by simply failing to prepare to any sort of required level," Warren wrote.

"Just because you are a heavyweight it shouldn't mean you don't have an obligation to display a certain degree of athletic intention.

"Yes, he was heavy last time around and usually wobbles a bit around the middle, but this was ridiculous. When eyebrows were being raised at the weigh-in he literally was the elephant in the room.

"Joshua must have wondered which chin he was supposed to aim for."

Ruiz posed a threat whenever he got on the inside but Joshua boxed smart, staying on the outside and picking his shots carefully. Ruiz was simply too gassed to close the distance when he needed to, costing him any hope of victory.

Warren showed no mercy, saying Ruiz "scoffed himself out of being world champion" and "ate himself out of contention".

"I saw in an interview before the fight with Ruiz saying he had achieved his dream. Well, if his dream was to win the titles then stuff himself stupid and lose them at the first time of asking, then his dream has become a reality," Warren wrote.

"King of the heavyweight division to Burger King in the space of six months."

Warren's savage spray comes after a host of big names in boxing slammed Ruiz for failing to take his preparation seriously.

Deontay Wilder, who holds the WBC heavyweight title, couldn't believe the disrespect Ruiz showed to the sport.

"Ruiz said he was doing great, not letting this moment get to him,' the Bronze Bomber told the Athletic.

"But in the end you hear him saying he ate too much and should've trained harder … Like, what the f***? What do you mean you ate too much and could've trained harder?

"I take this s*** seriously. I don't know what their mentality is, but I didn't become champion of the world just to say, 'Put me in the record books. At least I can say I was a champion. They can never take that away from me'. F*** that s***. I'm here for legacy. Long live the king. That's my mentality."

Andre Ward, a super middleweight champion who retired with a 32-0 record in 2017, was also savage in his assessment, saying Ruiz "blew a big opportunity".

"He said he would die in the ring to keep his belts," Ward tweeted. "It didn't take all of that, it just took the discipline and courage to push the plate back and deny himself, to put himself in the best position to win. He couldn't do it."

Ruiz was way too slow on his feet and didn’t have the fitness to really test his opponent.
Ruiz was way too slow on his feet and didn’t have the fitness to really test his opponent.
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