It was either buy food for their 6 kids or insure the house

UPDATE 3PM: IT WAS either buy food for their six children or insure their house.

And for Jamie Azzopardi and Angela the choice was simple.

But late on Wednesday night, disaster struck and left them wishing they were insured.

Just after 1am, a fire, which was believed to be started by a faulty power point, tore through their Gracemere home destroying everything 

The family of eight was lucky to escape with their lives.

Lincoln Azzopardi (6), Indy Azzopardi (8), Nathan Williams (9),ethan Azzopardi(12), Laura Williams(9) & makayla Williams (8)
Lincoln Azzopardi (6), Indy Azzopardi (8), Nathan Williams (9),ethan Azzopardi(12), Laura Williams(9) & makayla Williams (8)

The fire disaster was just another cruel blow for the family who just last week had their car tyres slashed. 

Dad of the family, Jamie, who is also trying to get his own business off the ground, said everything happened very quickly.

"It was so fast as well, it felt like it took so long for the fire department to get here but I suppose it was very quick," he said.

"Minutes turn into hours quite quickly, we were just like hurry up hurry up hurry up.

"We were still trying (to save the house) until the guys pulled up here, we used the garden hoses."

Jamie said he and his partner Angela were worried they had left one of the six children behind in the house that they kept counting who was there.

"I counted four or five times to make sure I wasn't miscounting."

The family hope their streak of bad luck has finally finished after their house nearly caught fire last year when their neighbours back burning got out of control.

"It's all been done and dusted and we've kind of just got to rise from the smoke and ashes and it's like 'okay this is what we've got' and now we need to know where we're going from here."

"It's no use to sit and cry over what's gone and lost, it doesn't help much.


"When your chips are down and you're at the bottom of the barrel all you can do is look up towards the future." 


8.50am: A RELATIVE of the family whose house caught on fire last night says they have lost a lot of possessions.

Adelle Parker posted on The Bulletin's Facebook page that her daughter and son in law and their six kids are ok apart from smoke inhalation.

"They have lost all the possessions and had let their insurance lapse like many others things have been financially tough for them.

"Thank you to the emergency workers for your great efforts and kindness. Now we have to return in the light of day to see what can be salvaged."

She advises the family  have been discharged from the hospital.

6.20am: EIGHT people were assessed by Queensland Ambulance Service crews after a house fire in Gracemere early this morning.

The QAS reports they were at the scene about 2am.

Six uninjured children and two adults were taken to Rockhampton Hospital with minor injuries.

A Queensland Fire and Emergency Service spokesman said QFES were called at 1.20am to a house fire in Douglas St, which was well involved when crews arrived.

The spokesman said three crews were sent.

He said no one was trapped inside and it was believed the fire started in a bedroom.


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